Mitter Curtains

Gallop’s Ecozite and Soft Cloth are two great options for your mitter curtains. Made of recycled material environmentally friendly Ecozite stays on the car longer and takes care the annoying “eyebrow” all while not impacting the environment. Self cleaning Ecozite drains water and dirt after each wash cycle and your mitter will only need half the material than with Soft Cloth car wash brushes.

Established in the industry Soft Cloth meets the demands of mitter curtains. Aggressive and absorbent Soft Cloth shines the car and keeps chemical on it.

Specific Benefits:

  • Almost Maintenance free
  • Ecozite environmentally friendly
  • Ecozite remove “eyebrow”
  • Soft Cloth industry standard
  • Shines car, keeps chemical on it
  • Perfect solution when you don’t have a top brush