Cloth C-Channel Brushes

Cloth Brushes remain a viable product in the market today. Gallop Brush makes soft cloth brush materials that are tough and aggressive while cleaning vehicles without causing damage.

Dirt and particles are continually washed out with our soft cloth brushes when combined with your pressurized jet spray. Our cloth brushes are free of any hidden abrasives.

Specific Benefits:

  • Absorbs and holds soap and water
  • Ideal for hard-to-clean areas
  • Multiple colors available including red, blue, black and green to match your brand
  • Ideal for mitter curtains and side brushes
  • Durable and long lasting
Cloth Brush Blue
Cloth Brush Black
Cloth Brush Green
Cloth Brush Red
Cloth Brush Red 2
Cloth Brush Blue
Cloth Brush Black 2