C-Channel Cores

C Channel

Our C-Channel cores are proven brush cores used in car washes everywhere. They are made of marine grade aluminum and 4-part construction that provides you with a level of durability that can hold up to the harshest of car wash environments and conditions.

They are called C-Channels because of their “C” shape which is made to easily insert and securely hold brushes. Best of all, Gallop Brush has the ability to manufacture cores of any size and need, and for most mounting methods. Custom designs are readily available.

Add Core Guard to your order and make core replacement a thing of the past!

Specific Benefits:

  • Longer lasting cores with replaceable brushes will save you money
  • Fast and easy removal / installation
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Premium Grade Marine Spec Aluminum

C Channel Core 52x50
C channel core 12x20
C Channel Core 10x48
C Channel Core 7x72