Made in the USA. Family Owned. It can only be Gallop.

We’re car wash people doing what we do best. Your car wash is the reason we do it.

Leading Innovators of Cloth and Foam Brushes for the car wash Industry

At Gallop Brush Company, LLC. our products are designed to enhance the quality and satisfaction of every carwash customer we supply. Specifically, we aim to enhance your carwash operations by offering seamless end user installations and continual product improvements. Plus, we offer the guaranteed highest quality cloth and foam brush replacement available on the market today. You can trust Gallop Brush to always be one of the carwash industry’s leading innovators of cloth and foam brush replacement, and your most reliable resource.
Gallop Brush was founded in 2000. We combined our more than 45 years of industry experience with great ideas for improving the carwash industry; improving the products and the way things were done. We started by reducing the time a carwash had to shut down production to install and replace brushes. Only an industry insider could make such innovations!

At Gallop Brush, we also follow up with quality customer service after each sale and replacement. We work closely with every customer to solve problems and meet the needs of every company, whether a small independent operator or a large OEM.

You can contact Gallop Brush anytime to discuss our full line of superior products and innovative installation techniques. We promise you great customer service always, coupled with a work-hard attitude that we know carwash industry insiders can appreciate.