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With 5 types of brushes, we can provide the materials you need for your entire car wash…
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The cores we manufacture and sell
at Gallop Brush Co. are extremely durable and long-lasting…
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Clear View doors keep the appearance that your wash is open in the winter months…
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When we received our Spaghetti brushes with CoreGuard we installed one set of wrap arounds right away. The difference in cleaning was noticed by me and my partners immediately. I can’t wait to install the second set!
For years my aluminum cores that hold the brushes have been wearing out. When I heard about CoreGuard I called Gallop Brush Co. CoreGuard has effectively stopped the normal wear and tear on my cores. Because of Gallop and CoreGuard I am saving $2,500+ every year at all 9 of my locations!
I called Gallop Brush Co last week for some cloth replacement brushes. Turns out they offer everything related to brushes. I was able to get my tire brushes, foam brushes and cores with one phone call. It’s my one stop shop for all my brush needs… Quality and first class customer service came at no charge!
Changing brushes at my wash is a real pain. When I tried Gallop for the first time the order came in new boxes that were labeled with what was inside. When I opened the boxes there were loading instructions and all the parts were also labeled. It was the easiest install to date. They are guaranteed to have my business. Thank you!


Waterjet cutting is a quick process and extremely accurate. It is a more efficient and cost-effective option than laser cutting because it can cut quickly without heating up the material. This allows the molecular structure of the material to stay intact without warping or any distortion. Learn more about Gallop’s Waterjet services!